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OCC is transitioning to TUSC! We’ll be launching our own blockchain,
and swapping OCC to TUSC at a ratio of 2 OCC to 1 TUSC.

The Coin

An easy to use, open source, Ethereum based ERC20 token designed specifically for new crypto enthusiasts.
Freely available for use in other crypto projects.


Cryptocurrencies can be confusing for people that are new to blockchain technology. Original Crypto Coin (OCC) was designed to be a cost effective and straightforward way for new users to get familiar with basic crypto transactions like transferring and using a wallet.


Have your own blockchain project in mind? Instead of generating a new token for your next idea and cluttering up the crypto community with another token, incorporate OCCs into your own apps, games or other cryptocurrency projects.


OCC Roadmap Q2-2018
About Brooklyn
"I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash."
Milton Friedman – Nobel Prize winning economist

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Our Service

Why Original Crypto Coin?

We were all beginners once. The OCC team created the OCC token as way to use their collective knowledge to educate others about cryptocurrency and to grow the community.


From “forum” lingo like FUD and FOMO, to real technical and trading jargon, the crypto world can seem like it runs on a baffling foreign language. The OCC team aims to explain the fundamentals of cryptos in terms you can understand.


The crypto world has created a whole new market for internet scammers who take advantage of newcomers to the community. The OCC team has seen countless people fall victim to scams, and aims to help people understand how to protect themselves and their Crypto Coins by understanding when an offer is to good to be true.

False Prophets

Almost anywhere you turn in the crypto space you’ll find people hyping coins, often without the smallest scrap of reasoning or evidence to support their wild claims. The OCC team aims to help crypto users understand how to evaluate new crypto projects, coins, and make smart decisions using evidence.

Our Service
Our Work

Airdrop is Finished!

All 56 billion tokens have been claimed. Thanks to everyone who participated and those that have become active members of the OCC community. Stay tuned for updates and announcements!

Our Work

Cryptocurrencies are the future

No matter what you think of Crypto now, it’s the future. It solves security issues, it eliminates sloppy record keeping, it destroys paradigms about what currencies actually are. The most brilliant business people in the world agree.


The OCC Team

We believe that a diverse range of personnel brings creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Rob McNealy, MBA


Rob is an experienced serial entrepreneur who helps guide the strategy and vision of the project.


Kristie McNealy, MD


Kristie is a detail oriented project manager and with experience developing and disseminating educational content.


Aaron Nye


Aaron is an experienced web pro that brings many years of UX development under his belt.


Mish Ochu


Mish is a full stack coding veteran, experienced in commodity exchange development.

Jordan Roylance

Jordan Roylance


Jordan is a real world Investment Consultant and Business Analyst using his investing skills and experience to bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto markets.

Eden Wagner

Eden Wagner, EA


Eden is a seasoned tax accounting pro whose specialty is tax compliance and general number vudu.


Be a part of something big

The airdrop is complete! Thanks to those that claimed tokens. We’re excited to fill you in on what’s to come, so stay tuned for announcements.

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