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OCC Partners with MiNG!

The Original Crypto Coin/TUSC team is excited to announce a new partnership with Manliness is Next to Godliness (MiNG) which will help us continue to reach the original OCC goal of educating new users about blockchain and cryptocurrency.  As a contributor to MiNG, we’ll be providing original articles every month on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to MiNG’s readers.

According to the MiNG website: “We’re here not to fight back because there is nothing real or substantial to fight against.  We’re here simply to be men and share what that means.  It means a return to responsibility, ingenuity, labor, intellectual pursuits, self-sufficiency, and self-sacrifice.”  MiNG covers topics from fatherhood to fishing, with a bit of debauchery thrown in for good measure.  We’re thankful for the opportunity to add crypto and blockchain to the wide range of topics they cover!

Official TUSC Media Release

New Cryptocurrency Project Targets the Gun Industry

Original Crypto Coin is relaunching as a new “gun friendly” digital currency called TUSC.

Salt Lake City, UT – October 9th, 2018 – Original Crypto Coin (OCC) announced today that they will be relaunching their ERC-20 token project on their own “gun friendly” blockchain called TUSC (The Universal Settlement Coin).

Rob McNealy, OCC’s Cofounder, said: “As gun owners, and ardent defenders of the right to self-defense, we know that the gun industry is constantly under attack.  We wanted to create a gun-centric crypto to act as a “continuity of business” payment system for gun retailers. Due to their decentralized nature, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies simply can’t be shut down by “activist” banks.”

McNealy said: “We are in the dial-up modem stage of cryptocurrency, however, a recent poll showed that half of all millennials are interested in cryptocurrency, and up to 18% already own them. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future.”

Original Crypto Coin has recruited a new development team and many new advisors to oversee the transition to their new blockchain. More detailed announcements about the transition will be made over the next few months.

 About Original Crypto Coin

Original Crypto Coin, L3C is registered as a “low profit” L3C company in the state of Utah, USA. OCC’s stated mission is to educate people about using crypto currency. When they launched, OCC distributed 56 billion tokens for free in the largest “no strings attached” self-drop in crypto history.


Mercatox Airdrop Bonus!

We’re excited to announce that the Mercatox voting rewards have been distributed to everyone who submitted a valid entry! We know we ran behind on this process, so as a an additional thank you for everyone’s patience, we doubled the airdrop amount from 10,000 to 20,000 OCC!! Thanks again to everyone for your support.

Please send any questions about the airdrop to @KristieMcNealy on Telegram, or send a direct message to @OrigCryptoCoin on Twitter.

Track OCC on Live Coin Watch!

We’re excited to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now included in the popular cryptocurrency index Live Coin Watch!  Live Coin Watch allows visitors to track token price, social media channel activity and trading volume all in one place.  In addition to OCC, you can track over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, nearly 200 exchanges, and over 10,000 trading pairs.

Track OCC on Blockfolio

We’re excited to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now included in the popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio.  Blockfolio is available as an easy to use Android or iOS app that allows you to track actual portfolio values as well as watching coins you’re interested in.

If you’d like a little help getting started with Blockfolio, check out our article here.

OCC Wins Mercatox Vote! Listing Announced

Thanks so much to ALL of you who voted and helped us get the word out about the Mercatox Exchange voting competition.  Because of our community’s hard work and support, we’re thrilled to announce that our listing at Mercatox is now live using the token symbol OCC1!  This is the exact same token you know as OCC.  We’ve just chosen an alternate symbol for trading because Mercatox already used OCC for another token.

You can find the OCC1/ETH trading pair here, and the OCC1/BTC trading pair here.  If you don’t have an account, please use our affiliate link to get signed up.  OCC will use the commission we earn on your trading activity to support future exchange listings and marketing activities!

The Hunt for OCC is ON! Aircoins App Launched

The pic contest is over for now, but we’d still live to see what you find during your hunt!

The Aircoins augmented reality app is available for download NOW in the Google Play store!  Get your copy so you can go hunt for OCC and other crypto in your neighborhood.  Be the first to post a picture of an OCC coin you find in the app, and you’ll win 10,000 OCC.  Don’t forget to tag @OrigCryptoCoin and use the hashtag #OCC so we see your tweet!  If you’d like to check out the game before you download, visit our video walk-through here.

Get Aircoins and Google Play

The iOS app is coming soon . . .  We’ll run a second coin hunt competition when  it launches.


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