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OCC Listed on TokenJar!

Our second of two new decentralized exchange listings is TokenJar.  We know some of you are still a little unfamiliar with how decentralized exchanges work,  so here’s a quick look at the TokenJar interface. When you open the site, you’ll click the little arrow inside the area we circled, and then type OCC in the search box. The green arrow we drew is pointing at buy orders. If you click on one of those orders, you can sell OCC to fill that order.

WETH = wrapped ETH. Just connect your MetaMask wallet, wrap the ETH you want to spend, leave a little ETH for gas, and you should be good to go! Decentralized exchanges don’t “match” orders automatically like centralized exchanges do, so if you see a price you like, you need to select that order and buy from it or sell to it directly. Usually you can do partial fills by buying or selling just a portion of the requested amount.  The remaining tokens in the order can then be filled by other traders.

OCC Atomic Swaps are LIVE!

Original Crypto Coin was added to the latest release of the Barterdex exchange platform from Komodo.  This desktop platform allows you to use atomic swaps to exchange OCC for other coins or tokens.  If you’re wondering exactly what an atomic swap is, according to Komodo:

In cryptocurrency this translates to a trustless exchange. Komodo’s Barterdex is an atomic swap protocol that is blockchain agnostic and allows traders to swap tokens atomically across blockchains while remaining in control of their private keys.

You can find other trading options for OCC here.

Live Crypto Education 4/11 – Understanding Gas

Join us at 9pm eastern time (UTC-04:00) on Wednesday April 11th to chat about how to use gas on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn how to save money on gas and troubleshoot transaction problems. Participants in the live event will have a chance to win OCC tokens! Use the hashtag #CryptoEdOCC on twitter during the event.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

We’d love to get the word out to help others learn about crypto and acheive our goals of growing the community by promoting crypto education.  Please help us out by sharing this event on Twitter, FaceBook, Reddit, or your favorite social media channel!

OCC Now Trading on Octaex.com

We’re very pleased to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now trading on Octaex.com! In addition to a new forum for trading, this listing on Octal Bit Exchanger introduces our first BTC/OCC trading pair.  You can also find the ETH/OCC pair here.

The OCC team has not control over trades made or orders placed on Octaex.com.  You can visit their website for support or to find links to their social media channels with help.

Video Contest Winner Announced!

Congrats to the YouTube channel Laissaoui Yassin for submitting the winning video for our recent contest!  Keep an eye out for an email so we can get an address to send your 10 million OCC token prize.

For everyone else, please check out the winning video:

And while we’re at it, we also want to give a shout out to the following YouTube channels who have also made videos about OCC recently.  Check out Lahori Hub 2020 and Learn Fast Earn.

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If you’re in the market for a hardware wallet, consider using our affiliate links so we can earn a small commission to put towards future projects like educational events.


Track OCC on Coinlib

We know a lot of you are interested in tracking trading volume, market cap and exchange listings for OCC, so we’re thrilled to let you know that our token was added to Coinlib.  If you look us up there, you’ll find all sorts of current and historic coin info, plus links to all of our socials.  Here’s a peek:

powered by CoinLib

Upvote OCC for a Listing on CryptalDash

A new exchange called CryptalDash is running a community voting contest which will result in 25 new coins being listed on their exchange platform in May!  Please help us out and show your support by voting for OCC.  Just click the widget below or visit this link and use their voting system to share about the contest on Twitter and Facebook!

CryptalDash Coin Listing Competition

Thanks in advance for your support!


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