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OCC Partners with Aircoins Augmented Reality Game

The Original Crypto Coin team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Aircoins – an augmented reality (AR) game that will let players find and collect cryptocurrency (including OCC!) around their neighborhoods in a virtual treasure hunt.  According to the Aircoins website:

App users can login and collect coins in Augmented Reality. Users walk into a shopping center or market and can pull App to see coins available in AR… Just like collecting POKÉMONS in ‘POKÉMON GO’.

Aircoins plans to launch their free Android app in the Google Play store in July, with an iOS version to follow.  We’re excited for the opportunity to spread OCC to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts by having our tokens integrated into the Aircoins AR platform alongside other coins including Electra, Fanfare, and Action.  It’s an exciting use case which helps OCC further its aims of spreading crypto to new users.

We’ll keep you posted when Aircoins goes live.  In the meantime, head over to the official Aircoins Twitter to learn more about Aircoins and their other partners!  While you’re there, you’ll have a chance to win 10,000 AIR.  You can also find the latest Aircoins updates on Telegram.

Update: If you’d like to check out the game before you download, visit our video walk-through here.

Trading is Live on Ecex – 15 Million OCC Airdrop Announced!

On June 21st, Original Crypto Coin (OCC) began trading on Ecex.Exchange with both ETH and ZIG pairs!  Now we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Ecex to airdrop a total of 15 million OCC tokens to registered Ecex users on July 3rd.  To be eligible to receive an airdrop from Ecex, all you need to do is register an account on the exchange, however, users with active trading accounts will receive a larger share of tokens than registered users who haven’t completed a trade.

We hope you’ll enjoy being able to trade OCC and other tokens in this new market!  You can check out the Ecex airdrop calendar to find out when they’ll be airdropping other recently listed tokens and coins.

Vote For OCC in the McAfee Meme War

Thanks to the efforts of our team members and some creative community members, we have three entries in the John McAfee Cryptocurrency Meme War 2018!!  The Meme War winner will win 1 BTC, with runners up receiving 2 ETH.  If OCC wins, we’ll put the prize towards exchange listing fees.

To vote, you’ll need a Twitter account.  Please make sure you follow the steps below to enter, because retweeting someone else’s entry does not count as a vote!!

According to the Official Rules:*

  • The voting button on each meme’s page will generate a Tweet containing a string representing your vote, along with a hashtag for us to link the results. Please read and understand the following rules before voting.
  • Anyone with a Twitter account may participate in the voting.
  • The voting button will format the ballot Tweet correctly. Changing the content of the Tweet may invalidate your vote.
  • Each account may cast votes for the 3 best standard memes and 1 best animated meme.
  • If you vote for more memes than the total allowed, only the final votes will count. For example, if you vote for 10 standard memes, only the last 3 votes by datestamp will be counted in the final results.
  • You may remove a vote at any time by deleting the ballot Tweet for that vote.

*NOTE: These are McAfee’s own rules – we don’t have any control over them!

To vote for the memes submitted by OCC, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the OCC memes on McAfee’s site by clicking: https://iammcafee.com/content/site/Original_Crypto_Coin.html
  2. On that page, you’ll find three OCC memes, which is perfect, because you get 3 votes!
  3. Hover your mouse over one of the memes (or tap once if you’re on a phone), and click the magnifying glass (see picture).

  1. On the meme page, click the Twitter button at the BOTTOM of the page (see picture).

  1. A new window will open up with a pre-written tweet. Do NOT edit this tweet.  If you change it, your vote may not count.

  1. Click “Tweet” to send the tweet!
  2. There are 3 OCC memes, and you can place 3 votes, so repeat the process for the other 2 OCC memes!!

Track OCC and Receive Alerts on Bitgur

Track OCC on Bitgur

Last week, Original Crypto Coin was added to Bitgur, a coin tracking site that has a number of useful features to help you track OCC and other coins in your portfolio!

Coin Tracking

There is Coin Tracking Alert feature in Bitgur Alerts. Add OCC, and you’ll receive important information about Original Crypto Coin including price changes, unusual volume, new listings without having to refresh the site.  They even have plans to add alerts for general news and events.

Bitgur can send alerts to account holders by telegram, e-mail or browser push notification.

Customizable Watchlist

You can also create a custom cryptocurrency watchlist using 35 financial indicators or charts and select their display order in the table. Just don’t forget to include OCC!  You can enable viewing only your favorites coins from your watchlist on the main page by pressing the star button.

OCC Elephant Hoodies Available Now!

They say an elephant never forgets, and we know you’ll never forget OCC if you snag one of these awesome OCC elephant shirts.  If you’re asking yourself ‘why elephants?’ you definitely need to check out our Telegram channel.  For everyone else, check out the hoodies and short sleeved elephant tees on Amazon now!

All shirts are eligible for Prime shipping, and all proceeds will go towards future OCC projects!

What would you like to see on our next shirt?

Airdrop Alert – Vote to List OCC on Mercatox

Airdrop entries have closed!  Thanks for your support.

If you follow us on Twitter or Telegram, you may have noticed our community members asking about listing OCC on the Mercatox exchange.  If that’s you, or you’re a Mercatox user, please help show your support by voting for OCC in their coin listing competition!

There’s a gift for voting if the OCC token gets listed.  Just follow the contest entry rules listed below, and you’ll receive a 10,000 OCC airdrop as a thank you within 30 days after OCC is listed on Mercatox!


All steps must be completed. One entry per person. Please note that you need to have a trading account on Mercatox to vote!  You can click here to register and place a small trade if you haven’t used Mercatox before.

  1. Make sure you’ve joined the OCC Telegram group for updates at https://t.me/OrigCryptoCoin
  2. Visit the following link on Mercatox:
  3. Log in and place your vote for OCC.
  4. Take a screenshot of the vote screen showing your user id, and the green “Voted” notification.
  5. Fill out the entry form here:

Entries must be submitted through the form linked in #5 above to be eligible for the airdrop. All entries will be verified and each person voting can claim 1 airdrop. Airdrop tokens will be sent within 30 days of the OCC token being listed on Mercatox! Please be aware that having multiple Mercatox accounts is against their rules, and may get you and our coin banned.

OCC Listed on TokenJar!

Our second of two new decentralized exchange listings is TokenJar.  We know some of you are still a little unfamiliar with how decentralized exchanges work,  so here’s a quick look at the TokenJar interface. When you open the site, you’ll click the little arrow inside the area we circled, and then type OCC in the search box. The green arrow we drew is pointing at buy orders. If you click on one of those orders, you can sell OCC to fill that order.

WETH = wrapped ETH. Just connect your MetaMask wallet, wrap the ETH you want to spend, leave a little ETH for gas, and you should be good to go! Decentralized exchanges don’t “match” orders automatically like centralized exchanges do, so if you see a price you like, you need to select that order and buy from it or sell to it directly. Usually you can do partial fills by buying or selling just a portion of the requested amount.  The remaining tokens in the order can then be filled by other traders.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
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