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OCC Now Trading on ForkDelta

OCC is Trading on ForkDelta

With the OCC airdrop complete, we’re excited to officially announce that the Original Crypto Coin token is trading on ForkDelta.  ForkDelta is a fork of the EtherDelta decentralized exchange for Ethereum based tokens.  It’s got a faster order processing system and other improved features like alerts for orders that are placed far outside the average price.  It interacts with ForkDelta’s revamped API, but uses EtherDelta’s original contract.

There’s a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never used a decentralized exchange.  It’s probably most convenient to interact with the exchange’s smart contract using MetaMask, but there are other options as well.  The nice thing is that as a decentralized exchange, you don’t need to create an account on ForkDelta to trade, and there are a wide variety of ERC20 compliant tokens available.

Before trading, make sure you are on forkdelta.github.io by checking the URL in your address bar.  OCC has no affiliation with ForkDelta or control over their order system. You can find support for using ForkDelta on their subreddit.  There are also some tips on getting started on EtherDelta’s subreddit here.  Happy trading!

Follow OCC – Official Original Crypto Coin Social Media Channels

OCC Social MediaThe OCC team would love to build a community dedicated to teaching and learning about crypto and the OCC token.  We’d love to get to know our token holders, and we’re available to answer questions about the project.  Follow our progress and help get the word out by following the official Original Crypto Coin social media accounts below:

Airdrop is Live – Claim Your OCC!

Largest Airdrop Ever is Open

We’re thrilled to officially launch the Original Crypto Coin website and token.  Take part in all the fun by claiming 5 million OCC tokens from our airdrop page.  The tokens are free, but you’ll need a little Ether for gas.  Check out our glossary and knowledge base if you’re not sure what that means!

If you already claimed 200,000 tokens, don’t feel left out – the OCC team has you covered.  To speed up the pace of the token distribution without leaving early adopters hanging, we’re getting ready to send extra tokens to make up the difference.  Just sit tight, and we’ll let you know when the tokens are in your wallets.


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