The Original Crypto Coin team launched the OCC token and site with the goal of educating people about cryptocurrency.  Check out our list of FAQs to start learning about OCC.

What is Original Crypto Coin?

Original Crypto Coin (OCC) is a cryptocurrency designed with a low barrier to entry in mind and as an education tool. OCC is a decentralized digital token built on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract. Anyone can transfer and trade OCC anywhere in the world.

How does the OCC System work?

OCC works on the Ethereum platform and runs on the ERC20 token standard which describes the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract has to implement.

What is the benefit of holding OCC?

There is a limited supply of OCC tokens, meaning we can’t create anymore. The benefit of holding and trading our tokens is gaining experience on how cryptocurrencies work. By using the faucet, you’ll also be one of the original holders of OCC tokens.

What problem does OCC try to solve?

Lowering the barrier to entry into the crypto world by teaching people how to transfer, trade, and use cryptocurrencies.

How many OCC tokens will I get from the airdrop page?

The token supply has been exhausted.

What If I already got 200,000? Can I get 5 million?

Don’t worry; the OCC team has you covered. Because the smart contract limits the airdrop to one claim per address, we’re going to make up the difference. We’re in the process of preparing to send extra tokens to your wallets if you claimed during the 200,000 token drop.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted in the sale?

OCC tokens will be distributed using an airdrop, and the OCC team will collect no fees in exchange for OCC tokens. Any Ether (ETH) gas fees required to claim the OCC tokens will be the responsibility of the registered Ethereum wallet’s owner. These fees are transaction fees paid to miners on the Ethereum blockchain which are required to move deposit tokens into your wallet address. The OCC team receives NONE of these fees.

What is the price of OCC?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. OCC tokens are free at the time of distribution. We will not place a price or value on the tokens.

How do I obtain OCC?

The airdrop is complete.

What wallets can I use to receive tokens from the faucet?

To claim OCC tokens, you’ll need to use an Ethereum Dapp like Mist, MetaMask, Cipher, or Trust Wallet. The airdrop page will detect your browser and provide links to compatible options.

Once you have OCC, it can be stored in any Ethereum wallet for which you hold the private key. Exchange-based wallets (i.e., those on Coinbase, Binance, etc.) will not work, and any OCC sent to them will be LOST.

Examples of eligible wallets that can store OCC include:

  • My Ether Wallet (MEW)
  • Parity

When can I get my OCC?

Any time. The airdrop page will remain open until the supply of OCC is exhausted.

When can I trade my OCC?

Immediately! As soon as you claim your tokens, you can transfer and trade them to friends and family.

How do OCC tokens differ from others?

  • Limited supply of OCC tokens
  • Available through our website via airdrop
  • Will circulate on the main Ethereum public network
  • Tradable
  • May not be directly exchanged for merchant products
  • Freely transferable
  • Available world wide

Is there a minimum purchase for OCC Coins?

No! OCC tokens are being given away for free via the faucet on this website. There is no purchase necessary! Any link mentioning a purchase requirement or asking you to send ETH or other cryptocurrency to a wallet address to receive OCC is NOT sponsored by the OCC team. Please report questionable links or pages here!

How can I see how much OCC Coins have been sold during the token sale?

No tokens are being sold by the OCC team. There is no token sale or ICO, and all tokens distributed directly by the OCC team will be distributed via the airdrop page located on the OCC website.

Are OCC tokens available to anyone?

Yes! Anyone with a compatible Dapp browser/wallet can claim OCC from the airdrop page. OCC can then be stored in any compatible ETH wallet, any place in the world

Are there network fees when transferring OCC tokens?

Transferring tokens and claiming them after the airdrop is subject to ETH gas fees like all other transactions on the Ethereum network.

Where do the proceeds from the OCC token distribution go?

There will be no proceeds from the OCC token distribution. The only fees involved will be gas fees which go directly to miners on the Ethereum blockchain.

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